Foster Care Rates During COVID-19: A Playbook for Supporting Child and Youth Permanency

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UC Davis Human Services’ Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice team was proud to partner with the California Department of Social Services and many contributing partners on the development of this timely and relevant Playbook, Flexible Foster Care Rated During COVID-19: A Playbook for Supporting Child and Youth Permanency through a Wraparound-Informed Approach Operationalizing All County Letter 20-44.

This Playbook is a practical guide for child welfare agencies and service providers to understand and implement Wraparound-informed strategies, recognize the flexible funding available on a short-term basis described in ACL 20-44 and to better understand behavioral health service delivery for child welfare and probation involved youth and families. The document outlines two specific fiscal opportunities are in place to support these care strategies during COVID-19. The first is flexible foster care rates through CDSS and county child welfare and probation agencies for Wraparound-informed approaches and services, and the second is Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Services (SMHS) through Department of Health Care Services and county behavioral health agencies.

Download the Playbook

Watch this webinar to learn more about Wraparound-informed services during the COVID-19 pandemic: Foster Care Rate Flexibilities and Options, as outlined in ACL 20-44.