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CANS and CFT Technical Assistance Now Available

The Northern Academy now provides comprehensive CANS and CFT practice and implementation support to counties—for free! Supported by our contract with the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), we are available to meet our county partners wherever they are at in their CANS and CFT implementation and practice journey.

What Kind of CANS and CFT Technical Assistance is Offered?

Technical assistance is customized to meet your county's needs. Types of support can include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance with CFT or CANS implementation plan development or adaptation of existing plans
  • Development of process maps of current or ideal CFT and CANS practice
  • One-on-one or group/team meetings with staff and/or supervisors to brainstorm and troubleshoot practice challenges related to CFT and CANS
  • One-on-one or group/team meetings with leaders to brainstorm and troubleshoot implementation challenges related to CFT and CANS
  • Observing CFT meetings and providing neutral feedback to facilitators around engagement, teaming and fidelity to the CFT model
  • Using the CFT Meeting Observation Tool to assess the quality of the county’s CFT process, and/ or supporting counties to utilize the tool on their own
  • Help with analyzing scored CANS and strategizing for how to incorporate Needs and Strengths from the CANS into case plans or safety plans
  • Support with how to enter data regarding CFT meetings in CWS/CMS
  • Strategizing approaches to cross-system collaboration for effective CANS and/or CFT practice
  • Support with implementation challenges or help translating implementation science into the county’s CFT/CANS implementation approach

These, and any other support needed to meet your county's unique CANS/CFT needs!

What Does Technical Assistance Look Like in a Pandemic?

We provide technical assistance, consultation and coaching support by phone or online through Zoom. In-person TA needs can also be considered upon request.

How Do I Start?

To request free CANS and CFT technical assistance for your county, please contact Emma Black (

Additional CANS and CFT Resources

Our CANS/CFT website is your one-stop shop for CANS and CFT classes, resources and other helpful practice and implementation tips. Visit our website to begin browsing.

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