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Level of Care Protocol

As part of Continuum of Care Reform the Level of Care (LOC) Protocol is a placement rate methodology designed to identify the individual care and supervision needs of a child or youth, which are translated to an appropriate LOC rate to support their placement. Care and supervision needs are identified based on five Core Domains (Physical, Behavioral/Emotional, Educational, Health and Permanency/Family Services) and scored based on a weighted point system. The Level of Care Protocol has been developed for use by county child welfare and probation placement workers.

Upcoming trainings on the LOC protocol will be offered through our Fiscal Academy.


Access Level of Care Protocol Training Material Anytime

Access our Resource Barn for the most updated Level of Care Protocol trainer’s guide, training materials and resources.

For questions or technical assistance, please contact loc@dss.ca.gov. Please direct all questions to this mailbox and share it with trainers and counties staff. The Level of Care Matrix and Scoring Forms are also located at the California Department of Social Services website at http://cdssdnn.dss.ca.gov.