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Child Welfare

Counties looking for additional child welfare training topics, as well as counties outside of Northern California that would like to bring training on-site in their county, can explore more course options here. Training offered in this section can involve participants from a single organization or, to foster and support collaboration, multiple organizations in a county or region.

In addition, each of our courses can be customized with county-specific data, scenarios and case studies to make each workshop relevant to the intended audience.

Delivery Format

The following offerings can be brought to your organization either in-person or via remote learning. To request a specific training, please submit a training and service request.

We also have scheduled offerings of many of these trainings at least once a year through our Open Series section.


Training Series


Individual Courses Available in:


Additional Training Opportunities for Child Welfare Professionals

Visit the Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice section to explore statewide training opportunities on the topics of Wraparound, Early Childhood, Parent Partners and Fiscal.

Visit the Northern Academy to explore child welfare specific training for the Northern California region.