Clinicians in Wraparound

This training will utilize a collaborative style learning opportunity to discuss and strategize the barriers and concerns of clinicians/therapists working on Wraparound teams, CFTs or general concerns with the Teaming process. Current policies, procedures and strategies are provided to increase confidence in ability to collaborate without breaking confidentiality. The group will review how clinicians can collaborate with and utilize the specific members of the Wraparound team to expand the therapeutic reach outside of the individual session. Other sections to discuss are using therapeutic modalities optimal for the Wraparound process, case conceptualization and treatment planning as a team, while making recommendations for higher levels of care and aftercare.  
By the end of the course, participants should be able to:
  • Identify areas of difficulties unique to therapists/clinicians working on/with Wraparound teams
  • Distinguish which information can be shared without breaking confidentiality
  • Provide precedent and current procedures in place that provide protections and support the therapist/clinician to partner and collaborate with the providers and the family’s support system
  • Provide knowledge to build clinician/therapist confidence to engage successfully in the collaboration and teaming process with the Wraparound and Child and Family Teams
  • Increase comfortability, confidence, and efficacy of Therapists/Clinicians working on/with Wraparound teams
Course Code
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Clinicians in Wraparound Jul 10 Jul 10 Enroll Now