Specialized Strategic Support

Agencies that engage staff who work in strategic support functions are investing in the future of the organization. Steady, long-term success in making progress toward agency goals requires that the organization be committed to putting employees first, and providing quality training linked to its strategic objectives. With a true commitment to the employees at all levels throughout the organization, the journey to enhance organizational performance can lead to increased engagement and organizational success. The training of employees who work in strategic support functions offer methodologies to effectively and efficiently challenge participants to work in ways that will generate the highest possible output value for the agency. Each of the training series offered provide practical consideration to the following:

  • Training programs are based in best practices and overall strategic objectives of the human services field
  • Training of employees in strategic support functions will provide a framework for employee motivation because it targets the knowledge, skills and abilities that employees will need to build in order to actively achieve strategic objectives
  • Once the employees’ job matches their skills and abilities, the stage is set for generating high productivity and organizational impact

Bring Advanced Skills Practice Workshops to Your County

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