Employee Development Series 2: Personal Effectiveness

Helping Professionals are driven to succeed in helping families and their agencies perform at an optimal level. Accordingly, they must have an array of knowledge and complementary skills that help them understand how to connect with people. The Employee Development Series 2 is the continuation of the series and has been designed to support human services professionals who are interested in the opportunity to further develop their expertise in personal effectiveness. Series II includes modules that will engage participants to be proactive in their learning as a means of supporting personal effectiveness.

This series is comprised of five half-day modules as follows:

  • Module 1: Attitude Counts
  • Module 2: Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
  • Module 3: Professional Image and Presence
  • Module 4: Stress Management
  • Module 5: Best Practices and Professionalism
  • Module 6: Excellent Interviews

Each module in the series allows participants to create and explore personal points of learning. Participants are asked to reflect and identify how they can support and exercise practical application for new skills and information provided.