Sexual and Reproductive Wellness for Youth in Foster Care (Virtual Training)

This training familiarizes child welfare professionals with important knowledge, skills and values toward supporting the sexual and reproductive education and wellness of children and youth in care. It is informed by the Foster Youth Sexual Health Education Act, Senate Bill 89, which contains new training requirements for case workers, foster caregivers, and judges toward supporting foster youth access to comprehensive sexual health education.

After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Engage with youth and young adults about healthy sexual development and reproductive and sexual health in a manner that is medically accurate, developmentally and age-appropriate, trauma-informed, and strengths-based
  • Understand the rights of youth and non-minor dependents in foster care as related to sexual and reproductive health care and information; confidentiality of sensitive health information; and the reasonable and prudent parent standard to create and support normalcy
  • Ensure youth and non-minor dependents in foster care have access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education, services, and information
  • Select and provide appropriate referral resources and informational materials regarding reproductive and sexual health, including medically approved contraception
  • Document sexual and reproductive health issues in a child welfare case plan
  • Identify and discuss barriers youth may face toward accessing or utilizing services; and encourage autonomy to take action regarding their own sexual health care

In addition, this training will explore ways to develop awareness and control of personal biases or religious beliefs that violate the rights, diminish the dignity, and/or limit the self-determination of a youth or non-minor dependent.

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