Coaching and Consultation Services

The California Department of Social Services, in partnership with the Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice, offers best practice implementation consultation to county agencies and service providers who are part of the California Children and Youth System of Care. Coaches utilize a framework based on both Implementation Science (Easterling, D., & Metz, A., 2016) and The Water of Systems Change (Kania, J., et. al, 2018). In addition, individual complex care case coaching sessions are also offered to assist county practitioners in learning more about complex care best practices. Requests will be reviewed by the CDSS and the RCFFP to determine level of coaching or consultation which may be provided.

Examples of coaching or consultation include:

  • Implementing Parent Partners
  • Implementing High-Fidelity Wraparound
  • Making improvements to services
  • Utilizing blended or braided funding
  • Complex care/ Specialized Permanency
  • Implementing NEICE/ ICPC
  • Implementing Family Finding and Engagement

Easterling, D., & Metz, A. (2016). Getting Real with Strategy: Insights from Implementation Science. The Foundation Review, 8(2).

Kania, J., Kramer, M., & Senge, P. (2018). The Water of Systems Change.

If your agency or organization is interested in obtaining coaching or consultation, please fill out this form.