About the Resource Center

Committed to the well-being of children, families and communities

For two decades the Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice has worked with human service agencies and communities to sustain and build support for families. We have a passion for promoting individual, professional, agency, practice and community growth; always respecting and building on the strengths of the past to ensure deep roots for the growth of the future.

The Resource Center for Family Focused Practice partners with the California Department of Social Services, county and non-governmental agencies, practitioners and communities to:

  • integrate families fully in the development and delivery of human services
  • facilitate the relationships needed to integrate services for families
  • promote family-focused practices
  • integrate policy, research and practice
  • link resources to maximize the benefit of public investments
  • build continuum of support for children, youth and their families and communities
  • build primary and secondary prevention for child maltreatment and delinquency
  • promote developmental screening

Values of the Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice


Family is the best place for children, youth and adults to live. Living with others who are fundamentally connected to us through love, caring and commitment gives us a place, a sense of belonging, and stimulates us to care about ourselves and others.


Every individual is entitled to dignity. This includes respect, inclusion, recognition, listening and expectations for their contributions.


Honesty, good stewardship, respect, fairness, transparency and accountability are elements of integrity. They are the hallmark of every team member and instructor. As human beings, we are fallible but will take responsibility and make amends.


We are committed to excellence in customer service, technical assistance, training and other services. We aim to set the bar in all that we do.


No matter where we go or whom we have touched, we leave hope behind. Hope gives us optimism, energy and an expectation that no matter our current challenge, we can meet it and we will have the support of others.

Please visit this site for the latest information on family-centered practice approaches, policies and programs. Use the site as a resource tool for your agency or community. Or contact us to assist you in your efforts to meet the needs of families, children, youth and communities.

Meeting Needs in Many Fields

Our programs bring resources to many fields including:

  • public child welfare agencies
  • private children and family services agencies
  • mental health
  • education
  • law enforcement
  • probation
  • juvenile courts
  • developmental disabilities
  • public health
  • group home providers
  • primary and secondary prevention providers


The Resource Center works in partnership with many human services providers and associations including:

  • California Department of Social Services
  • County Welfare Directors Association of California
  • Practice experts from many California county human services agencies
  • Chief Probation Officers of California
  • Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Child Welfare Training Resources
  • Inter-University Consortium, UCLA School of Public Policy and Social Responsibility
  • Central California Public Social Services Agency Training Academy
  • Northern Academy
  • Southern Regional Training Academy
  • Bay Area Training Academy
  • California Social Work Education Center, University of California, Berkeley
  • CalWORKs/Child Welfare Project
  • Family Partnership Institute
  • National Family Group Decision Making Project, American Humane Association
  • California Practitioners Roundtable
  • Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Casey Family Programs
  • California Alliance for Children

These partnerships are continually expanding to reflect the state's diversity. These relationships are mutually enriching, providing fertile ground for the growth of new research, policy and practice.

Our Connection to the University of California

The Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice is a unit within the UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education, Human Services. For more than 30 years, the UC Davis' Human Services Programs have been a steady partner of state, county and community-based organizations through many changes in policy and practice. Grounded in the public service tradition of the University of California, UC Davis brings to work with agencies a commitment to advancing knowledge and skills in organizational learning.

Our Connection to CDSS

The generous funding of the Children and Family Services Division of the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) supports many of the activities of the Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice. As a result, we are able to offer many of our services at no cost to agencies.

The Resource Center works closely with the California Department of Social Services to deliver services that support the vision and mission of CDSS in conjunction with public human service agencies throughout the state.

Professional Credit

Upon request, qualifying workshops may be offered for the following types of professional continuing education credit:

  • Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice
  • Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS)
  • Board of Registered Nursing (BRN)
  • Standards for Training in Corrections (STC)
  • Group Home Administrators