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Peer Partner Hubs

The Parent Partner Advisory Committee, in collaboration with the California Department of Social Services, is proud to invite Peer Partners (including youth advocates) with lived experience in children and family serving public organizations (including child welfare, behavioral health, education, mental health and probation) to regional Peer Partner Hubs. Peer Partner Hubs will provide a safe space to share and learn from each other, to come together in support of each other, to provide an opportunity to connect and network –all toward connecting with the broader mission of increasing access to peer partners; helping others, organizing and working together.

Regional Peer Partner Hubs will be held across California. All hubs will meet in one virtual Zoom meeting space and then divide into regional hubs after a short welcome. Regions include: Northern California, Central California, Bay Area and two Southern California hubs.

Upcoming Meetings

All meetings will be held virtually, via Zoom.

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