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Wraparound pioneer Constance Burgess discusses hidden disabilities in her newly published memoir 

Unique fellowship provides advanced training in infant-parent mental health 

2016 Partnerships for Well-Being Institute 

Expanding the reach of quality child care education  


Unique educational series aims to help child welfare leaders improve services for vulnerable families

Martin J. Graff Hired as New Director of Center for Human Services

National Institute seeks to better serve tribal communities

Federal grant project improves services to vulnerable families


Breaking language barriers to provide quality child care education

California Counties Examine the Growing Problem of Child Sex Trafficking

2014 Partnerships for Well-Being Institute

Helping California transition through health care reform


Center study aims to decrease stress among social workers

Immigration and Child Welfare: Addressing the Fear Factor

Child Welfare and Mental Health Work Together to Meet Children’s Needs

A new approach to training social workers


National institute highlighted approaches to serve tribal communities

"Wrapping" children and families in a network of support

New training documentary helps social workers engage dads


New federal legislation helps transitioning foster youth

Improving social welfare outcomes through research-based decision making

Helping troubled youth find a place to call "home"

Breaking language barriers to provide quality childcare training

Expanding professional development program serves tribes across the nation


Three-Year Meth Grant Partnership Ends with Success

New Training Program Helps Social Workers Support Children in Foster Care

Vision: A Source of Energy and Alignment for These Challenging Times

Disabilities in the Workplace Case Series

UC Davis Center Helps Strengthen Brazil's Courts


In These Challenging Times, Leadership Necessary…More Than Ever

In times of financial uncertainty, knowledge is power


UC Davis Extension takes part in the changing face of child support enforcement

Child development training program breaks language barriers to serve its students

UC Davis Extension partners with northern counties on new federal meth grant program

UC Davis Extension enters partnership to reduce child abuse statewide, Winter 2008


New course series addresses addiction within the child welfare system, Fall 2007

Developing enhanced support for families through parent partners, Summer 2007

Symposium provides latest research and strategies to help emancipating foster youth "find their way," Spring 2007

New welfare legislation leaves social services agencies scrambling for resources, Winter 2007


Childcare training program extends UCDE's reach to orphanages in Central America, Fall 2006

Emerging professional development program helps tribal communities help themselves, Summer 2006

New social research center forged from campus-Extension partnership, Spring 2006

Expanding aging population poses new challenges for human services, Winter 2006

Developing the human services workforce: eligibility staff