Writing Effective Performance Reviews

This workshop covers how to put theory into practice by setting job performance standards based on job-related competencies, developing a consistence monitoring practice and writing an effective performance evaluation. Tools and strategies provided in this workshop will assist participants in gathering objective performance data and use it to create an on-going, supportive dialogue to help staff succeed in the performance of their jobs. Participants will be able to apply the same data to create clear, objective,and specific performance evaluations. Participants will learn how to determine the accepted standards for quality staff performance and establish an action plan to implement these standards.

Topics Include:

  • Describing the importance of defining agency expectations and standards as they relate to writing performance standards.
  • Defining competency based job performance standards.
  • Identifying the seven performance/job factors.
  • Defining performance monitoring and its purpose.
  • Providing behavior feedback and documentation.
  • Reviewing performance appraisal process.
  • Writing the performance appraisal narrative.
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