Working with Challenging Behavior in the Older Client: Anger Aggression Grief Guilt and Shame

Communication underlies all relationships. In order to communicate with someone, we must be able to make contact with them. How do we make contact in a way that invites a conversation and an opportunity to connect? Working with challenging behaviors in older adults can add a great deal of stress for professional helpers. Because older clients may resist a helper’s invitation to discuss these behaviors, the helper needs to understand the source of resistance. In this workshop, we will understand, examine, and learn to respond effectively to a variety of challenging behaviors.

Topics Include:
  • Recognize characteristics of challenging behavior in older people
  • Understand experiences that contribute to an older person’s challenging behavior
  • Respond to expression of shame and depression in older male clients
  • Learn how past trauma can trigger anger and aggressive behavior
  • Develop skills to help reduce the intensity of the “acting out” behavior
  • Discern ways in which older men and women express challenging behaviors
  • Help professionals respond to their own needs when working with older people who have difficulty expressing feelings of grief, guilt, and shame
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