Workforce Development Learning Collaborative

This one-day day convening follows the February 6th webinar,  highlighting the current Federally funded 5 year Quality Improvement Center on Workforce Development (QICWD) which is studying the impact of workforce interventions on staff retention and child outcomes with child welfare practitioners across 8 sites across the nation.  The in-person convening will support county sharing, implementation strategies, and organizational assessments for identifying strategies that might work in northern regional counties.

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a. Telecommuting work (structured approach with specific strategies)

b. Technology Innovations

c. Resilience Alliance + Restoring Resilience Response to lower secondary traumatic stress

d. Supportive Supervision

e. Onboarding

f. Employee Selection System (Testing efficacy of a selection test, as well as interview protocol including in-basket tasks)

g. Job Redesign

h. ARC (Glisson's model of changing organizational culture and climate)- trying to understand the impact of each component of the model (there have been several RCTs on the whole model, but uncertain which aspects make the most difference)

i. Sub-studies across all sites:

  • impact of education and Title IV-E education on turnover and outcomes
  • impact of turnover on practice and on outcomes
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