Welfare to Work Case Management Organization for C-IV Counties

The world of WTW is in a constant state of change with the onset of the 24-month time clock, OCAT and now CW 2.0. With the demands of strategizing participants’ goal planning and conducting robust assessments, strong time management skills are more important than ever before. This workshop is for C-IV WTW case management staff who are looking to maximize their time and energy through a variety of techniques that emphasize efficiency and effectiveness. Concepts and components of time management and prioritization will be covered with emphasis placed on the importance of organization, being effective, planning efficiently and prioritizing tasks.

Topics include:

  • Learning strategies to enhance time management
  • Examining Welfare-to-Work Standards to follow policy and procedures accordingly
  • Maximizing Outlook Management use for email folders and calendaring organization
  • Reviewing C-IV Tasks and C-IV Workload Inventory accurately to determine necessary actions
  • Discovering WTW Case Management tips & outside tools
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