Upping your Game with Visit Coaching

This two-day training explores a new, strengths-based approach to visitation known as visit coaching. Visit coaching is fundamentally different from typical supervised visits in that the professional observing the visit (social worker, social services aid, or contract staff) functions in the role of coach, and is actively involved in guiding parents in meeting their children’s needs and making each visit fun for the children.

After attending this training, participants will have increased capacity to:

  • Help parents articulate their children's needs to be met in visits.
  • Prepare parents for their children's reactions.
  • Help parents plan to give their children their full attention at each visit.
  • Appreciate the parent's strengths in meeting each child’s needs.
  • Help parents cope with their feelings so that they can visit consistently and keep their anger and sadness out of the visit.

When staff are trained to coach visits, they will have increased capability to establish a more collaboration relationship with parents throughout the visitation process, resulting in earlier engagement that can positively affect outcomes for children and families over time.

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