Understanding Homelessness 101

This full-day foundational workshop will provide an overview of homelessness in America and California; and provide an in-depth exploration into homelessness in your specific city and county. Participants will gain an awareness of homelessness in their county and begin to recognize the ‘face’ of homelessness: who is at risk and why, stereotypes, and misconceptions. The connection between mental health, substance use and homelessness will be examined. Participants will also explore how focused housing models can be key components of any comprehensive approach.

During this workshop, participants will also explore health and homelessness to gain a better understanding of how those who are high risk, have physical and/or behavioral health issues, substance use challenges, or long-term disabling conditions may contribute to them living in places not meant for human habitation. Participants will also identify that this can increase the risk of having life-threatening physical illnesses based on living in dangerous conditions and having difficulties in accessing health care.

Topics Include:

  • Gain an awareness of homelessness that will form the framework for understanding who is at risk and why
  • Understand your County’s “face of homelessness” by reviewing current Point in Time count methods, data, and income disparity in the county
  • Explore Stereotypes and Misconceptions about Homelessness
  • Understand how those who are at high/low risk with acute physical illnesses, substance use and behavioral health issues or long-term disabling conditions may lead to homelessness and the challenges of providing services to this population
  • Become aware how racial inequality, poverty, bias and trauma may lead to homelessness and cycle of hopelessness
  • Recognize the importance of and steps towards local solutions for your County
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