Understanding and Providing Trauma Informed Services

  • As human services professionals, it is imperative that we implement care and services that follow the tenets and principles of Trauma-Informed Care (TIC).
    This workshop will explore the topic of emotional and psychological trauma. Participants will discover how to provide caring, compassionate, and empathetic services that are trauma-informed. Trauma affects people of every race, age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic level. Becoming trauma-informed means using knowledge of trauma and recovery to design and deliver services.

    Topics Include:

  • Defining trauma and being trauma informed.
  • Understanding the impact of trauma from childhood and the affects it has on behaviors as adults.
  • Comparing the Trauma Informed Approach Vs the Traditional Approach.
  • Reviewing the 6 Core Principles of Trauma Informed Care.
  • Identifying the signs of Compassion Fatigue and the first steps towards healing.
  • Employing tips and techniques to best respond and serve those who have experienced trauma.
  • Recognizing stressors in our roles as Helping Professionals and in our personal lives to promote self-care.
  • Connecting how increased understanding of trauma and improving service delivery helps coworkers, the organization, and community.
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