Understanding Aging: Cognitive Disorders

This workshop provides Adult Protective Service professionals and others with a basic understanding of the aging process that will enhance their ability to perform investigations and make evaluations. Through the course of this workshop, participants will gain understanding on how the body ages, so they can best assist the individuals they support in the healthiest way possible. Participants will be guided through the different changes that occur as our bodies mature, and focus on some unique aspects of aging that can be supported by social workers, case managers or other human services professionals.

Topics include:

  • Explaining the aging process and physical changes that occur with aging
  • Recognizing the effects and challenges of aging on the senses
  • Analyzing the psychological changes caused by aging and its effects on body systems
  • Differentiating dementia from Alzheimer's disease
  • Describing the stages of Alzheimer's disease
  • Summarizing the keys to aging well and beneficial engagement activities
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