Trauma-Informed Rules, Policies and Procedures

Designed for managers as well as all levels of staff, this training provides interactive discussion about trauma-informed policies and procedures. Participants will examine specific rule-related issues that create problems between staff and clients in order to develop more trauma-informed policies, approaches and perspectives to increase safety—both for staff and for clients. Previewing program rules and policies, the instructor will address specific rules and policies and suggest changes to make them more effective. The training will provide options for client surveys and data collection points to measure change and effectiveness.

After attending this session, participants will be able to:

  • Train staff on specific, trauma-informed standards and practices, according to SAMHSA
  • Manage staff from a trauma-informed framework
  • Assess programming as adhering to the trauma-informed, neuro-sequential framework and SAMHSA principles
  • Identify and change an existing program rule (client rule) that is broken and transform it
  • Learn how to distinguish between physical and emotional safety in interactions with clients
  • Identify a specific change in rules to implement in program, agency or intervention
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