Trauma-Informed Practices in Social Services

Understanding stress and trauma is a fundamental prerequisite for self-care and caring for others. As the national trend to design and operationalize trauma-informed social service agencies continues to evolve, the COVID-19 pandemic and its significant psychosocial impact has only increased the need for such organizational updates and reforms.

This interactive training will provide the latest neuroscience research to understand and interpret primary and secondary trauma-based experiences, emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Best practices and updated interventions to work effectively with traumatized persons, build resilience and promote both employee and client health and well-being will be offered.
Specific topics include:

  • Reimagining trauma-informed agencies
  • Neuroscientific understanding of impacts of chronic stress & trauma
  • Examining symptoms and signs of traumatic stress through a trauma lens
  • Case consultations, discussions and resilience-building experientials
  • Review of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and adulthood issues

Trauma-informed practices to optimize well-being, immunity, resilience and post-traumatic growth (PTG)

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