Trauma-Informed Organizations: Strategies, Assessments and Steps Toward Trauma-informed Transformation

Trauma-informed practice is a concept in emerging efforts to address trauma and its impact on behavior and quality of life in the lives of children and adults. This day-long training will provide participants both the tools to assess their own agency and steps necessary to become trauma informed. Using the stages of trauma-informed transformation developed by Gordon Hodas, agency staff will be able to chart steps toward becoming a safe, trustworthy, choice-driven, collaborative and empowerment-based agency. 

After attending this training, successful participants will be able to: 

  • Understand how to apply trauma-informed and neuro-sequential concepts to the child welfare setting
  • Self-assess agencies and/or programs in terms of current practice
  • Communicate basic concepts of a trauma-informed framework to others
  • Use several assessment tools and resources related to trauma-informed transformation

A hands-on project will allow participants to apply the knowledge gained, and an overview of trauma-informed concepts will allow all levels of staff to be able to gain valuable knowledge.

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