Trauma-Informed Care: Creating a Trauma-Informed Organization

This foundational workshop will provide an overview of ACEs (adverse childhood experiences), the widespread impact of trauma and potential pathways to wellness. Participants will explore trauma-informed evidence-based practices that will enable an organization to create a culture and structure that integrates healing into its policies, trainings and practices that engender a sense of safety, and seeks to actively resist re-traumatization. Through large and small group discussions and case scenarios, participants will gain an awareness of how to address trauma in their organization and service delivery that can be ineffective and inadvertently continue to cause injury. In small and large group discussions, participants will develop a shared understanding of a trauma-informed framework, which can create an organizational philosophy and culture of healing that leads to well-being.

Topics include:

  • Understanding ACEs, what trauma is and how trauma and vicarious stress effects and impacts an organization
  • Reviewing the trauma-informed care approach and key assumptions of the “four R’s”: realization, recognize, respond and resist re-traumatization
  • Learning the key principles of trauma-informed care and techniques to implement in the work place
  • Recognizing and understanding the benefits of an organizational implementation of a trauma-informed care approach
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