Trauma Informed Care

This workshop focuses on the ways in which workers in Human Services agencies interact and empathize with those with whom they work. Some of these clients may have similar or difficult circumstances with which workers empathize or connect with in a way that can be challenging. Participants explore how their experiences and attitudes can impact how they interact with those who experience traumas. How participants can positively address challenging situations related to these experiences is also included. Additionally, participants will learn how to use techniques to recognize and address issues that might arise for helping professionals caused by the effects of helping those in traumatic situations. Finally, participants will collaborate to explore ways to address secondary trauma.

Topics Include:

  • Describing what is trauma and trauma-informed care
  • Explaining how to provide trauma-informed care
  • Discussing and practicing various ways to engage in self-care as a helping professional
  • Identifying how to positively address challenging situations related to trauma
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