Supporting Families Challenged with Addiction

The primary goal of this training is for staff to learn about alcoholism and other chemical substance dependency, co-occurring disorders, and best practices when working with youth and families. This training will focus on the basics of the disease of addiction (including how drugs work, risk factors for addiction and the impact of substance abuse), overview of treatment (including craving management, environmental management and relapse prevention) and adolescent case application and prevention strategies with mentally ill youth and the potential stress that families face.

Topics include:

  • Understanding addiction and the impact on the brain
  • Identifying the most common used drugs and their physical effects
  • Recognizing signs that someone may be under the influence of Alcohol and/or drugs
  • Reviewing Gorski’s recovery model and understanding how to work with clients in different stages
  • Examining the dynamics of families experiencing multi-problem challenges
  • Applying techniques to assess and engage families from a strength-based solution focused approach
  • Enhancing their abilities to assess family systems and improving their skills in providing family centered interventions
  • Becoming familiar with a variety of tools to help them assess family systems
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