Supervisory Effectiveness Program Series 1

The Supervisory Effectiveness Program is designed for human services professionals in all program areas.  The purpose of this program is to develop the skills of new supervisors and elevate the skills of experienced supervisors.

This series introduces key concepts in supervision, including fostering teamwork within a work group. Powerful tools for learning, change and growth include monitoring, evaluating and improving employee performance and as such, these tools are stressed in this program. The activities we focus on lead to a clear understanding of employee roles and responsibilities and how supervisors can keep employees apprised of their job performance.

The program consists of 7 days of training conducted on a monthly basis.

Dates and locations

Davis – October 2016-May 2017

Madera – November 2016-April 2017

For more information

If you have any questions about the training, please call Kate Jones Kelley at (530) 754-1499 or email

Enrollment fee

Counties with current UC Davis training contracts my use their training units at a rate of 0.5 TUs per person. Otherwise, the direct bill rate is $1,975 per person.

Course Code