This institute includes general sessions, keynotes and two full-day seminars:

The Art of Supervision—DiSCovering the Roles of a Supervisor: To enhance the personal, professional and supervisory skills of participants, this seminar will focus on three key roles of a supervisor: teaching, supervising and managing. We will compare these roles with the four behavioral styles identified in the DiSC Personal Profile, the most widely used learning activity in the world.  

Motivation—Why We Do What We Do: Some employees quit and leave. Others quit and stay. Why? Over 80 years of research reveals the essential elements that keep us all motivated, engaged and, most importantly, happy. Turns out, it comes down to four basic pillars upon which to build a workplace that drives us to provide the best possible services—autonomy, mastery, purpose and relatedness. Participants will learn how to create environments that foster autonomy—the desire to direct our own lives. Participants will take away tools to build mastery—the urge to get better at something that matters. We will learn the importance of purpose—the yearning to do what we do in service of something larger than ourselves. And we will discover how relatedness is critical to an enriched work-life. 

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