Supervisor Masterclass: Coaching for Resilience and Accountability

Leaders have many opportunities to coach others every day. A great place to start is wherever there is pain or discomfort. Where we see people in pain it’s usually an indicator of where they need to grow next—to make themselves immune from that pain. Growth comes in bite-sized pieces. People don’t typically have one big conversation and then, all of a sudden, the world is different. Leaders have a responsibility to be vigilant about eliminating emotional waste from the workplace and do this by coaching and teaching great mental processes. By keeping development conversational, leaders rarely have to be confrontational in their interactions with their teams. Coaching sessions are not advice-giving sessions, in fact, leaders should rarely give advice when coaching. Self-reflection is where the real change occurs. After asking far more questions than they answer, leaders who coach give their teams assignments for self-reflection and opportunities to make sense of what they have learned about themselves. The average leader has over 50 coaching opportunities each day that they either overlook or choose to avoid. Don’t miss out on these opportunities—the role of a leader is to issue the call to greatness.

This workshop will focus on:

  • Challenging leaders to modernize their leadership philosophies and eliminate emotional waste—unproductive thought patterns of disruptive behavior
  • Exploring the triggers and habits that tempt leaders to try to perfect their staff’s circumstances and stunt their personal and professional growth, and define a new habit or behavior that promotes resilience and accountability
  • Providing tools and techniques for leaders to incorporate in their daily practices to align their teams with the desired direction of the organization
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