Substance Use Disorders and Child Welfare

This course provides an overview of substance use disorders within the context of child welfare and explores risk, screening, assessment, recommended treatment environments and modality, recovery and collaboration. 

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the continuum of substance use, abuse, dependence and relapse
  • Implement the basics of formal substance abuse assessments
  • Understand the nexus between child maltreatment and substance abuse
  • Understand and implement terminology specific to alcohol/drug use, assessment and intervention
  • Identify their own biases and general patterns of bias in social work as they relate to substance abuse disorders
  • Identify and understand fundamentals of different types of evidenced-based substance abuse counseling, models, and delivery settings
  • Understand the different levels of treatment used and how treatment is determined
  • Understand the process of relapse and recovery

In addition, this training will work to define, compare and contrast child welfare timelines with the recovery process.

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