Strength-Based Solutions Focused Motivational Engagement

Strength-Based Motivational Engagement is an integrated and complex set of skills and strategies based on the principles of self-sufficiency and collaboration. This session offers opening strategies to use with clients starting in the early stages of the case management relationship and discusses the process of establishing and maintaining the helping relationship.

This workshop includes instruction, opportunities for reflection, and practice of skills and strategies that may promote positive change in the lives of those they serve as Helping Professionals. This session will also focus on strategies case managers use to establish and maintain a helping relationship with case workers and clients.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the difference between the strengths –based approach and the traditional deficit focused approach
  • Identifying the challenges and implementing strategies towards a strength-based / solution focused approach
  • Identifying the four different strength categories and use those to assist the customer in finding their strengths
  • Utilizing and applying the Helping Authority Continuum effectively
  • Understanding and implementing the key strategies and question types in developing a strength-focused relationship with the customer
  • Reframing the OCAT as a strength-based tool
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