SOP Approach to Domestic Violence: Partnering with the Survivor

This hands-on training will introduce participants to the Safe and Together Model concepts to increase their proficiency in engaging domestic violence survivors using solution-focused and safety-organized strategies. In addition, participants will become acquainted with the SOP DV Timeline, a tool created to engage the survivor to partner with the agency in building a balanced assessment of safety and danger.

After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the core principles and critical components of the Safe and Together Model to build better outcomes for families and the child welfare system
  • Identify perpetrator patterns to inform Structured Decision Making (SDM) assessments
  • Make linkages to Safety Organized Practice (SOP)
  • Value the use of the SOP DV Timeline tool when interviewing for danger and safety
  • Create survivor and child centered safety and case plans
  • Apply critical thinking about their practice when there is a perpetrator pattern of coercion, control and violence

Further, participants will have an opportunity to practice each step of the timeline process over the course of this training.

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