Session 3: An Exploration of the Impact of the Collective Trauma on Children, Families and Communities of Color

Join Dave Ellis once more as he engages participants in an interactive learning experience to examine the implications and impact of collective trauma on children, families and communities of color. This webinar expands on the ideas shared in session two, diving deeper into the connectedness of trauma (identifying what is Yours, what is Mine and what is Ours); cross-cultural implications of trauma; and the 5-fold Practice for Healing.


Dave Ellis is the founding executive director of the New Jersey Office of Resilience, where he shares his expertise with the State of New Jersey and coordinates statewide efforts to prevent, protect against and heal from the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). He is a national leader in providing trainings and facilitating conversations on the lasting impacts of ACEs and generational trauma. Ellis is a lead trainer and facilitator on ACEs with the New Jersey Education Association and facilitates community dialogues and public-private partnerships to promote wellbeing across Minneapolis.

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