Part 1: Policies and Procedures

While the importance of having up-to-date policies and procedures is often discussed, the reality is many counties struggle with developing them in such a way that they provide the desired information and accountability. Furthermore, the task of putting together the P&P manual can become a limiting factor given staff shortages and competing priorities. County leadership, CFSR staff, training staff, analysts and others are encouraged to bring their P&P manual to this class to discuss options for improvement and solutions for successfully completing them as appropriate. Class participants will leave with information on how to write policies and procedures, as well as a list of policy and procedure topics.

Part 2: In-Service Training

Currently several northern counties are creating or considering the creation of new social worker county level induction/in-service training. If you work in one of these counties or are interested in starting something in your county, bring your ideas and come to this class. We will share creative ideas for bringing new social workers on board, as well as key topics that should be covered in this kind of training. Please attend this training to learn about what other counties in Northern California are doing to address the needs of new social workers

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