Research has found that when people feel threatened, their ability to think critically or deal with complex situations plummets, depending upon the severity of the threat. Threat can create avoidant responses such as fear, sadness, anxiety, lack of safety, depression and lack of focused attention, all of which can contribute to disengagement at work. The SCARF model is an especially useful way of examining current organizational culture and climate.

When implemented, the SCARF model can be used in the moment by all staff as a vehicle for understanding their responses to organizational changes; this can then positively impact future acceptance of behavior.

After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and explain the SCARF model and its impacts on organizational culture and climate
  • Better identify and articulate their current emotional states at work
  • Develop appropriate adaptations that foster a more positive and productive work environment

Staff may choose to attend any of the Staff sections in Ukiah or Willits. Leadership must attend the leadership specific session in Ukiah.

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