Safety Organized Practice Statewide Convening

This convening brings together California counties that are implementing Safety Organized Practice to share their experiences and results. The focus is on supporting the consistent and comprehensive implementation and evaluation of Safety Organized Practice throughout the state.


  • To identify elements of effective implementation strategies and the critical nature of coaching throughout the implementation process
  • To describe the current landscape of safety and risk assessment practice and current findings from statewide evaluation
  • To explore the issue of capacity building within CWS agencies and within the state
  • To hear from families and social workers about strengths and challenges of Safety Organized Practice
  • To examine how SOP supports the Core Practice Model, CAPP and Katie A.

Who should attend

All California counties that are using SOP or are interested in implementing SOP, specifically county leadership and staff who plan for capacity and sustainability, RTA staff, coaches and trainers.


Course Code