Safety Organized Practice: Learning Collaborative Series

It has been nearly 10 years since Northern California counties began implementing Safety Organized Practice (SOP). From the early beginnings that included specialized training in SOP concepts to the current infusion of SOP into the California Child Welfare Core Practice Model, the strength-based, family-centered and safety-focused approach has continued to grow, refine and enhance child welfare practice to the benefit of California's children and families.

Counties are at various stages of implementation and depth of their practice, and providing stakeholders the opportunity to share their successes, learn from one another's experiences and discuss their implementation challenges has never been more valuable. To facilitate this learning forum, the Northern California Training Academy will be holding four learning collaboratives for counties and their community partners, with the goal of each collaborative focusing on a specific area of SOP. These collaboratives will examine ways the practice has been expanded and deepened, how fidelity to the model can be measured, and how the practice has already improved the outcomes for children and families.

Participants will benefit from enhancing their knowledge of SOP implementation approaches and developing collaborative solutions to shared challenges across jurisdictional contexts. In the interest of continuing to deepen the practice, we will incorporate Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) strategies for the areas of SOP that are explored.

We look forward to working with you throughout this unique collaborative learning series!

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