The Role of the Social Worker, Before, During and After the Team Decision Making Meeting

This training is designed to provide an in-depth look at the stages of the Team Decision Making meeting, and the role the social worker plays before, during and after the meeting.

In the TDM meeting, the social worker is the essential link between the family and the child welfare system. The social worker has a relationship with the family and can help the group better understand the ways in which families can keep their children safe, as well as issues that may be present which are impacting the safety of the children.

Although TDM is an active practice in many counties, it has been recognized that additional training and support is needed for social workers to enhance their practice and ensure that high-quality decisions are made that lead to placement in the least intrusive, least restrictive setting.

Topics include:

  • Parts of the Team Decision Making meeting that serve as opportunities for engagement with the family
  • Roles of the social worker and other TDM participants in each meeting stage
  • Skills for identifying behaviorally specific concerns and strengths
  • Developing ideas and reaching a decision to provide safety and protection in the least intrusive, least restrictive manner

After this training, participants will be prepared to support initial roll-out of TDM in counties.  This course also provides refresher training for social workers in jurisdictions where TDM is already being used.  

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