Right Use of Power–Ethics in the Changing World of Youth Services

Right and skillful use of power and influence is a critically important component when building partnerships based on trust and engagement between professionals, family members and, most importantly, youth.  However, building right relationships with complex power dynamics and differentials can be challenging.  During this fun and highly interactive training, participants learn how the Right Use of Power™ can help them develop and refine skills and attitudes that will increase their ability to use power productively in supporting adult clients, youth, and colleagues. 

Participants will:

  • Gain insights into leadership, power styles and dynamics to increase their skill in using power 
  • Increase awareness of communication styles and how to maximize interactions with others showing each style 
  • Increase their ability to recognize and manage “power differentials”
  • Learn the disempowering influence of shame and how increased awareness of the use of power can heal and reduce communication barriers 
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