Revealing Implicit Bias

It can be persuasively argued that effective service in Human Services is impossible without a working knowledge and understanding of a person’s or group’s culture and background. As we move into an ever more pluralistic and multicultural society, helping professionals are among those best-equipped to deliver service and to empower people from all backgrounds to lead connected healthy lives. This workshop will introduce the concept of unconscious bias and invite participants to explore their own attitudes, beliefs and practices about differences, and how these may influence behavior and decision making related to the families we serve.

Topics Include:

  • Identifying the ways in which bias can be unconscious and automatic.
  • Discussing how prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination impact how we react and relate to one another.
  • Increasing awareness of unconscious bias and perceptual filters in order to minimize the impact on our work as helping professionals.
  • Practice moving from thinking about bias to taking meaningful steps to overcome it.
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