Residentially Based Services Training: Extending the Expertise of Youth Specialists

The moment-to-moment interaction with youth is critical in influencing their behavior in response to challenges and frustrations. The expertise of the family specialist to intervene in ways that coach and reinforce appropriate behavior and the ability to develop these skills in family members is a cornerstone of residentially based services.

Topics include:

  • Balance the needs of the individual while maintaining the group
  • Develop and implement individualized, strength-based, trauma-informed interventions
  • Develop a partnership with parents to implement strategies that are consistent with the family
  • Coach parents to implement strategies
  • Work collaboratively with other members of the team and the community to develop and sustain the youth’s behavioral growth

After the training, family specialists will be prepared to work collaboratively in the residential setting, with the residentially based services team, and with the youth’s family both in the residential and home settings.

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