Preparing for What’s Next: Managing Change

If this is you:
“I want this change to run as smoothly as possible”
“I want everyone to understand what we are doing and why”
“I want everyone to understand how they can contribute to change”
Then this training is for you.

This workshop is designed for leaders and managers at all organizational levels. Preparing for What’s Next: Leading Change will help you understand change and improve your change leadership skills – such as how to manage and deal with stress, conflict and resistance and build resilience to help you support your team through change. Leaders will be challenged to confront their mindset related to change and leave armed with the skills and techniques needed to create change from the bottom up.

Topics Include:

  • Challenge leaders to modernize their leadership philosophies to focus on staying ready for what’s next – rather than outdated, traditional theories of managing change
  • Provide strategies to ensure that leadership focus is centered around ensuring change is least disruptive to business and families rather than attempting to make change least disruptive to staff
  • Review the common and typical leadership behaviors/philosophies that sabotage critical change efforts and innovative strategies
  • Provide tools and techniques for leaders to incorporate in their daily practices to align their teams with the desired direction of the organization
  • Move from thinking and discussing change strategies to action planning individual next steps to lead and manage change
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