Power of Mindfulness in Human Services

Advances in the neurosciences have increased our understanding of how the practices of mindfulness and meditation positively affect the human brain and body. Mindfulness, defined as present-centered awareness and focused attention, has been practiced for thousands of years. Data shows that mindfulness creates improved cognitive flexibility and alertness, focus, attention, compassion, empathy and emotional stability. Additionally, workplace research is demonstrating that mindfulness significantly increases employee productivity, engagement and team effectiveness.

During this interactive and experiential program, Beth Cohen, a licensed clinical and organizational psychologist, who has taught mindfulness practices to over 15,000 employees across the nation, will introduce the science behind mindfulness practices and meditation. The day will also include a guided mindfulness meditation. Discussions will include how utilization of science based practices can become invaluable tools in the human services organizational toolbox.

Topics will include:

  • Neuroscience behind mindfulness and meditation practices
  • Cutting-edge research on individual and organizational optimization
  • Strategies for building and maintaining well-being tools
  • Unique challenges for human service professionals
  • Demonstration of a guided mindfulness meditation 
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