Pickle Eligibility in the Medi-Cal Program

The Pickle Amendment to section 503 of Public Law 94-566 of 1976 established a category of Medicaid eligibility for persons who may have lost eligibility to Supplemental Security Income due to a Social Security Title II Cost of Living Adjustment. This workshop will explore the application of rules under the Pickle Amendment and how that application impacts both eligibility and share of cost for those eligible and the effects on the remainder of the Medi-Cal Family Budget Unit not covered by these rules.

Topics Include:
  • Learn terms used in the processing of Pickle Cases
  • Discuss information and time frames necessary to screen for the application of Pickle rules
  • Establishing the MFBU in cases that include Pickle members
  • Understand the Treatment of Property & Income for the Pickle program
  • Determine eligibility for individuals impacted by the pickle amendment
  • Correctly compute budgets with allocations to a non-pickle spouse and other family members
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