Advancing Permanency through Adoption – Module 3: RFA, ICWA, Finalization and Post-Adoption

This third module in the four-part Advancing Permanency through Adoption series looks at Continuum of Care Reform (CCR) and Resource Family Approval (RFA) in relation to ICWA and Tribal Customary Adoption; alternate outcomes such as guardianship, kinship and continued dependency; as well as post-adoption services and benefits. The course content emphasizes the importance of providing information, from general to specific, regarding the integration of teaming models and practices that are currently impacting permanency through the crosswalk of child welfare, Resource Family Approval (RFA) and adoption practice

After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how CCR and RFA support the principles and practices of Tribal Customary Adoption (TCA)
  • Understand the social worker's role in ensuring that the child, prospective adoptive parent(s), and other family members are adjusting after the adoptive placement and are identifying any areas of concern
  • Understand the social worker's role in ensuring that the child and adoptive family have knowledge and links/access to post adoption services and available subsidies
  • Identify alternate permanency options (i.e., guardianship and continued long term foster care)
  • Describe the main determinations made at review and permanency hearings as to whether the child's current placement is safe and appropriate for the child's needs
  • Access essential forms and documents for child welfare and court processes to move the family through adoptive placement to finalization of adoption
  • Apply (through practice) decision making around challenges that arise for the child/youth and the adoptive family
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