Permanency, Achievement, Work and Careers

This workshop examines the challenges and benefits of permanency planning with youth and highlights successful models and strategies. Participants will learn about the types of permanency for youth including legal, physical and relational permanency.

This hands-on class will provide participants with practical tools and strategies to develop and implement permanency plans with a holistic view of the elements of a permanency panning process that significantly improves long-term success for youth. The course incorporates the concepts of achievement, economic viability, housing and career satisfaction as concrete anchors for permanency planning.

Participants leave with a step-by-step guide to engaging youth in their own permanency planning process and how to work with them to write meaningful permanency plans. The instructor places special emphasis on working with youth in a coach-like manner, on building permanency with communities as well as significant adults, and on ways to maximize youth buy-in and follow-through with their permanency plans.

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