With implementation of CW 2.0 and OCAT, the roles of the WTW case manager and social worker are changing faster than ever. This workshop will focus on mastering the soft skills applied during the OCAT appraisal. As a result of this training case managers will enhance their strength based motivational engagement skills and refrain from reading each question as is displayed on the OCAT. Participants will explore strategies to establish and maintain a helping relationship with WTW participants.

Topics Include:
  • Preparing for the appointment ahead of time for a smoother interview.
  • Learning to Building trust and rapport quickly during the initial meeting while creating a safe interview room space for the participant.
  • Utilizing key Motivational Interviewing skills including OARS, tolerating silence, and scaling questions.
  • Discovering and Self-Identifying the 7 key roadblocks to active listening.
  • Reviewing the Welfare to Work (WTW) 47 form with the participant in order engage them into wanting to sharing information.
  • Engaging and obtaining permission for Learning Needs Questionnaire.
  • Exploring Open – Ended question examples and recognizing what to look for when addressing sensitive topics mental health substance use, and domestic violence.
  • Applying the Appraisal Summary and Recommendations (ASR) as a strength identification tool with the participant.
  • Protecting yourself from re-traumatization and vicarious trauma.
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