Neuroscience of Wraparound (series)

This virtual, four-part learning experience, will discuss some of the most recent findings from modern neuroscience that provide Wraparound leaders and practitioners new ways of understanding engagement, collaboration and the nature of group intelligence in a Wraparound process. Effective Wraparound teams are socially collaborative systems that work together in an intelligent manner to create positive outcomes at the child and family, program and systemic levels. Emphasizing the social aspects of learning and the interdependent nature of complex problem solving, the Wraparound process harnesses the power of collective intelligence to move change forward. Discoveries in social cognitive neuroscience offer new insights into what is involved in the successful navigation of the social landscape of team practice.

It is crucial for practitioners to understand the biological underpinnings of why change can activate resistance, as well as brain-friendly strategies for improving decision making and creative thinking. This interactive science-backed workshop draws on the underlying brain systems behind engagement, innovation, and decision making. Participants will learn a brain-based framework for increasing engagement along with strategies for improving decision making and creative problem solving.
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