Neuroscience Series: Moving From Protection to Connection: Engagement with People Who Have Experience Complex Trauma

This interactive workshop serves as an introduction to understanding the nervous system of children and families who have histories of complex trauma. Integrating findings from contemporary neuroscience, traumatology, the psychology of stress resilience, and human development, participants will learn ways to engage human beings experiencing distress, as well as approaches for helping them transition into a state where they are more likely engage in new ways of thinking and being.

After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Define complex trauma and its neurodevelopmental impacts
  • Describe the role the brain, autonomic nervous system and the social engagement system plays in complex trauma
  • Apply an Integrative NeuroSomatic approach to engaging children and families who have experienced complex trauma
  • Utilize self-regulation strategies for addressing states of dysregulation that hinder engagement

Several adult learning modalities consisting of a mix of lecture/presentation, video, practice exercises, small group activities and context-driven discussion will be utilized to deepen levels of learner engagement and relevance to improving practice in human service organizations, as well as child and family level outcomes.

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