Modeling Strength-Focused Approach Through Supervision

The world of Human Services is rapidly changing in all programs including: Welfare-to-Work, Adult Services, Child Welfare, Special Programs, and Eligibility. The traditional approach of identifying deficit’s in customers and then fixing them is transitioning to a Strength-Focused approach in building upon what’s going well instead of dwelling on what’s lacking. As this transition is happening through family-centered goal services in social work or CalWORKs 2.0 concepts in Welfare to Work and Eligibility, staff not only need the training for this new approach, they also need the support and modeling of the concepts from supervisors and executive leadership.

Topics Include:

  • Recognizing opportunities for recognition at work
  • Increasing Strength-Focused support from supervisory and managerial staff
  • Building clear and strength-focused communication strategies
  • Maintaining strength-focused efforts on documentation
  • Developing your employees with a SOAR analysis
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